Having your own property in Cyprus will offer you valuable peace of mind.

At the same time, it confirms your attachment to Lebanon. How?

Nada Mezher1.Knowing that you have a close and safe home outside Lebanon, a place that your family can escape to whenever they like, is extremely reassuring. And Cyprus is such a place. Located only a 25-minute flight from Lebanon, with affordable flights scheduled twice a day, every morning and night, Cyprus is the closest European state to your home country.

Buying a home in Cyprus is therefore undeniably a more attractive option than immigrating altogether to more distant parts of the world. Instead of uprooting yourself from your country, you can continue the career or business that you have worked so hard to establish, but at the same time know that your family is safe, secure and comfortable in a hospitable country that you can easily and frequently visit.

2.The prices of property in Cyprus are currently very persuasive, with a large choice of apartments and villas for every budget available for immediate sale. Now is the perfect time to invest, as the prospects of oil and gas exploitation in the near future are bound to affect the market and push property prices upwards.

3.Under specific conditions, the acquisition of a home in Cyprus will entitle you to apply for permanent residence in Cyprus, which will significantly facilitate travelling throughout Europe. As soon as Cyprus joins the Schengen Area, which is expected in the near future, permanent residency will allow you to travel to all Schengen Area states without a visa.

These convincing factors are in addition to the beautiful climate, sandy beaches, clean sea, fascinating mountains and all kinds of leisure activities that are yours to enjoy in a welcoming, multicultural environment. It’s a proposition that deserves serious consideration:

Don’t leave Lebanon. Live in Cyprus.



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